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Loving Hearts, Helping Hands


  • Basic calendar concepts
  • Daily weather discussion
  • Bible stories/lessons (co-op classes)
  • Memory verses
  • Music and movement
  • Activity centers
  • Fine motor skills (cutting, writing, painting)
  • Large motor skills (hopping, running, skipping
  • Gymnasium for playing games
  • Fenced in playground area
  • Several field trips to explore new places
  • Co-op parents and grandparents can work in the classroom and be a part of their child’s experience in our in our 2 and 3-day classes.

Other Heart & Hands Perks:

What does Heart & Hands offer your child?


Preschool will be your child’s introduction to formal education. In our classroom we take time to learn what it means to be in school and we communicate daily that learning is valuable and also a lot of fun!



Kindergarten Readiness:


Social skills: Relating to other children by sharing, cooperating, working in a group and making new friends. Relating to the teacher by following rules, listening to directions and learning classroom routines.


Academic skills:


Letter recognition, formation and sounds. Foundations for learning to read and write. Numbers and basic mathematical concepts. Themed units each month exploring topics in science and social studies.

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