Dear Siblings in Christ:


Below is a link to a letter from Bishop David Bard.  Please take the time to read it.


The Bishop’s letter also gives me good opportunity to communicate to you the steps that the Strategic Planning Team has been pondering for in-person worship at VUMC.


We have no specific time-line as to when these steps will come about because we have a responsibility to our church family to adhere to the Conference guidelines so that when we reopen in-person worship gatherings — we are being as safe as possible.


That being said, here are the steps we are working toward:


1. We will start with worship that is outside in a large open space, thus allowing for safe social distancing.


2. Worship eventually inside, starting in the Family Life Center — our best option indoors allowing for social distancing and better control of common surface touch.


3. Worship in the Sanctuary, limited to smaller groups with appropriate safety protocols.


4. Worship in the Sanctuary, envisioning the glorious day of post-COVID-19.


Again, it needs to be clarified that we will not place these steps on a specific time-frame because we do not know what unexpected, strange variables and circumstances could emerge to throw-off our plans. WE WILL BE SAFE INSTEAD OF GROUNDING ANY EXPECTATIONS.


Your patience is very, very appreciated!  And, of course, when things are ready to start outside — we will put the word out.


A couple more points: 1. We will continue to build our online and social media presence as a permanent feature of our ministry.  2. There is an awareness that a number of our people do not have computers and/or email access.  If you are aware of such folks, please help us in our effort to include them in the loop.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Thank you.


Your servant in Christ,


Pastor Greg


A message from Michigan Area Bishop David Alan Bard


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