Making disciples of Jesus Christ

 *NOTE:  All youth Grades 6-12 meet Sunday evenings from 6-7 OUTDOORS at VUMC.



The purpose of our Youth Ministry is to provide the opportunity to LOVE God, LEAD others to Jesus Christ, LINK together with other Christians, LEARN ABOUT & GROW in our Christian faith, and LOOK after the needs of our community.

What we believe, and why we do it!


It is our sincere belief youth are not the future of the church, because youth are the Church of today!


Often youth ministries are the tacked on last minute, institutions of a church, but we  put them first. Youth of today have more going on and more options than ever before, but they are starving for God!


Our ministry is here to quench their thirst, in a way they can appreciate and understand. We do this by providing several different ways for students to get involved.

We offer programs for ages 6-12; The Shed and HELIX, for 7th-9th Grade students; Sunday Night Dinner for 9th-12th Grade students, and all ministry students are eligible to participate in summer mission programs!

I come here because I know it’s okay for me to ask questions about God and my faith as a Christian.

– sixth grade student

Our Programs:


All Youth Grades 6-12

Sunday evenings from 6-7 OUTDOORS at VUMC.



Our 7th to 9th grade youth ministry. HELIX means Helping Everyone Live In Christ. This program is tailored through the use of small groups to help students find their place in God’s Church.  We meet every Tuesday from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. beginning the second Tuesday of September.


Sunday Night Dinner

Sunday Night Dinner, which is for high school youth, meets every Sunday from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.


Our hope is every student attending a VUMC youth ministry finds a home with us.

Please join us any time!


Summer Mission Program


Each year for the last 18 years VUMC youth ministries have participated in a summer mission programs.  Since 2008 we have traveled to Orlando, FL, Campbellsville, KY, Eubank, KY, Queens, NY, and the Osage Nation Reservation, Osage, OK, Loveland, CO, Austin, TX, and Rutland VT.  For the summer of 2014 the youth stayed here in Vicksburg and served our local community, cleaning up around our church and within the village after a massive summer storm.


Summer mission projects have varied from putting on a Vacation Bible School for a poverty stricken trailer park 2 miles from the gates of Disney, to fixing the floor and plumbing of a widow in Oklahoma.


The summer of 2020 will find us serving in Pittsburgh, PA, with Group Week of Hope.


YouthWorks trips are designed to enable students to share the Love of Jesus Christ with those most in need of His Love, in the communities they are working in.



Hank Stamm - Director of Youth


Phone: 269-649-2343




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